Laughter Coaching

Laughter Coaching … Really?

That would be a resounding YES!

Are You ~

  • Someone Who is Extremely Introverted and Shy and Would Like to Come Out of Your Shell?
  • Experiencing Tremendous Stress in Your Daily Life?
  • Dealing with Depression?
  • Seeking How to Add More Fun in Your Life?

Have You ~

  • Forgotten How to Laugh?
  • Lost Your Childlike Playfulness?
  • Abandoned Your Ability to Sense Joy?

Laughter Coaching Can Allow You to Reclaim Your Natural State!

As children we were born with a sense of wonder and curiosity! As children we laughed and played for no reason at all. As we grew older that natural state began to taper off. And then we became adults! Somehow, somewhere we lost our ability to find humor unless something was really funny. One on one laughter coaching sessions can help you to reclaim your innate ability to laugh again for no reason at all! Just for you … just for fun!

In One on One Coaching Sessions You Will ~

  • Learn about the Concept of Laughter Yoga
  • Learn how Laughter Yoga Evolved
  • Learn the Scientific and Health Benefits of Laughing for No Reason
  • Receive a Laughter Quotient ~ Measurement of Ability to Laugh …
  • Receive Personal Instructions & Participate in Laughter Exercises
  • Fake it Til You Make IT!
  • Learn about and Practice Breathing Exercises
  • Become Skilled with the Capacity to Laugh for No Reason on a Daily Basis!!
  • Most of All ~ HAVE FUN!