Access Consciousness Bars® in Georgia

Are you feeling Stuck, Depressed, or Overwhelmed?

We rush from busy activity to busy activity believing that we “should” be doing more things, more quickly. Often our own well-being and sense of self gets put to the back of the queue. It can be exhausting and leave you feeling overwhelmed.

Many of us have limiting beliefs that we adopted from well-meaning parents, teachers, religious leaders, colleagues, and friends. We rarely give thought to whether these beliefs are ours.

Frequently we aren’t even aware of the beliefs that are running in the background of our lives, limiting our ability to create what we really want to create.

These beliefs can leave you feeling stuck and unable to actualize what you truly desire in areas like health, money, love, relationships or success.

What if simply being willing to receive could unlock, release, and dissipate these limiting beliefs?

When Was the Last Time You Were Totally Willing to Receive?

Introducing Access Consciousness Bars®

The Access Bars® are 32 points on your head that act like a type of storage container for all of your thoughts, feelings, emotions, limitations, & points of view about all areas of your life.

A Bars® session works by lightly touching each point on your head which begins to release and dissipate everything that is in the storage container!

Sessions are beneficial to people at differing stages of their lives including people who:

  • are feeling stuck, depressed, anxious, stressed or overwhelmed,
  • are suffering from PTSD,
  • have experienced abuse in the past,
  • are stuck creatively.

They are also suitable for people of all ages including:

  • children struggling in school,
  • young people preparing for exams,
  • elderly people concerned about aging and health,
  • anyone who is focused on healing and joy.

Access Consciousness Bars® Sessions last 60-90 minutes. They are gentle energy sessions, and you will feel safe and nurtured throughout.

“Having a Bars Session Can Feel Like a Wonderful Massage,
or it Could Possibly Change Your Life!”

Consciousness Access Bars - Mary EvansConsciousness Access Bars - Mary Evans






Introducing Mary

Mary Evans is based in Georgia and has been a trained Access Consciousness Bars® Facilitator & Practitioner for 3 years. She has a background in Human Services and has training in Reiki, Universal White Time Healing, Hendricks Coaching and Fire Walking. She loves facilitating change and expansiveness for her clients through energetic body work.

One of the special things she loves most about Bars® sessions is “seeing busy people, take the time to open up and allow themselves to be nurtured.”Mary Evans - Access Consciousness Bars Georgia

Are you ready to release your limitations?

If you are looking for body energy work in Georgia, this is your chance to work with an experienced practitioner who will guide you as lightly or deeply as you are willing to go.

At a minimum you can expect a deeply relaxing experience that is all about you. You will feel centered and balanced and ready to tackle the challenges of every day life.

In addition you be one of the many people who report benefits such as

  • having a new perspective on life,
  • find ongoing challenging situations become easy
  • healing current and past issues both mental and physical,
  • more confidence, happiness and general well being.

What people say:

This is the honest truth. One and a half hours later I walked out with the fog lifted, the dagger out of my heart and the weight off my shoulders. Even I had a hard time believing it! I am not over everything, but my door is now open, I see light instead of darkness a new beginning to my emotional healing!

– B.Stevens

“I felt complete & total relaxation for the first time in a very long time.”

– Jan

“My mind has been on overdrive and on the brink of exhaustion. I had not been able to sleep for weeks and after my session with you I’ve been sleeping better and able to get out of my head. The last session I requested some help with my block with creativity. Without going into detail, one of the most noticeable issues I have been having has been tremendously better.

Thank you so much for your gentleness, compassion and the heart you have for helping others. I recommend anyone that needs to reboot their system or brain to go see Mary Evans.”                                           

– Michelle Pasley

I went because I was feeling old, tired, mentally out of whack, having trouble letting go to fall asleep, and to have some me time. Y’all, I was so relaxed I was snoring! Mary asked me to see what changed after my session and I can honestly say, I still feel tired (I’m a mother… duh) but I no longer feel old! I’ve been going to sleep easier and that day was the MOST relaxed I have felt in a long time!

     – Cherilyn Humphrey Selman


Do You Want to Access Your Consciousness
in A Whole New Way?

Consciousness Access Bars - Mary EvansConsciousness Access Bars - Mary Evans







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